AUT has been ranked 501-550 of QS Ranking system

Amirkabir University of Technology has been ranked 501-550 of QS Ranking system among world universities and 351-400 in the mechanical engineering field in 2018 rankings (AUT- QS Page).

Amirkabir University of Technology is one of the oldest higher education technical and engineering institutes in Iran. With more than 35000 graduates since 1977, AUT has been offering continuous brilliance and contributed to the achievement of many educational and research goals. Today AUT is considered one of the top schools in the region and one of the top 400 leading schools around the globe.

In the heart of the most dynamic city in Iran, AUT includes more than 16 departments, 16 centers of excellence, and 32 research centers and institutes. AUT started its activities in 1958 and over time expanded its size and quality becoming a major comprehensive university in research and technology, to the point that it is presently referred to as “The Pioneer Technical University in Iran”.

With its educational facilities, social life and strong institutional and industrial contacts, AUT has always been preferred by Iran’s most distinguished student and maintains its innovative learning environment, holding on to its leading status and expanding its collaboration with high-tech industries. AUT graduates come to be leaders of industry or government and are widely sought after by top international universities.

The QS World University Rankings continue to enjoy a remarkably consistent methodological framework, compiled using six simple metrics that we believe effectively capture university performance. Since faculty area normalization was introduced in 2015 to ensure that institutions specializing in Life Sciences and Natural Sciences were not unduly advantaged, we have avoided fundamental changes. In doing so, we aim to ensure that year-on-year comparisons remain valid, and that unnecessary volatility is minimized.

Thus, universities continue to be evaluated according to the following six metrics:
1. Academic Reputation
2. Employer Reputation
3. Faculty/Student Ratio
4. Citations per faculty
5. International Faculty Ratio
6. International Student Ratio